Voltyre JAF-394

Voltyre JAF-394
Tire Size 12,4R28
Model YaF-394 VOLTYRE
Tube designation 12,4 - 28
Flap designation
Ply rating 8
Rim designation W11 / W9;W10
Overall diameter, mm 1250 ± 18
Section width, mm, not more than 315 / 296
Static radius, mm 578 ± 14
Max load, kg 1500
Inflation pressure, kPA 230
Max speed, km/h 30
The Appointment Of

For the drive wheels of self-propelled chassis T-16MG and promising class of tractors 0.6, T30A-80, VTZ-2032A and other machines designed to perform the various works in agriculture. Low fuel consumption.

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